Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We are celebrating! (You should too!)

DuBois Formalwear is celebrating 60 years in business! 

If you would like to know more about us, and how we've been so lucky to have served so many guests for the most important events of their lives, please get in touch with us. For now, I'd rather tell you about all the reasons you should be excited about our anniversary 'scratch off' promotion!

1. You'll save money
Who doesn't love that? All wedding parties who register their wedding with us during this promotion will receive at least $40 off every tuxedo in their wedding party. You have a chance to get even more than that if you win $50 or even $60 off! We are giving away other types of prizes as well, such as $100 Visa gift cards. Not to mention the real possibility that you could get each of your wedding outfits for only $60 each. (Wouldn't your wedding party love you for that?)

2. You won't "get what you pay for"
Whoa... that's weird. But it's true. You'll get much more! 
Sometimes people think that if something is inexpensive, it must be junk. Let's face it, we've all bought something for a "steal" that ended up being a disappointment in the end. At DuBois, we believe that our quality and service are worth every penny. but we want to make sure you and your wedding party don't go broke. Since we aren't a "big box" company, we are able to set our prices to match your needs, and not the needs of anonymous shareholders.

3. You will win! For real.
I think Charlie Sheen said it best (but maybe too many times): "Winning!"
When you take a coin to the silver overlay on your promotional scratch off card, you'll feel good knowing that you are about to win something better than our typical everyday promotion (even though we think that's great too!).

4. The odds are not against you
When you come in to register your wedding, you will automatically be entered into the monthly drawing to receive each of your wedding outfits for only $60 each. Your odds of winning are pretty fantastic, because you are only competing against other couples who register with our 9 stores in Wisconsin. Drawings through national chain stores do typically include each of their stores throughout the country. Winning one of those contests could be as likely as winning the lottery jackpot...

5. It couldn't be any easier
You don't have to fill out a bunch of paperwork, or sift through pages of fine print.Visit nearest DuBois location.  Scratch off to reveal your prize. We take care of the rest! Easy peasy.

6. It'll be fun!
We know... coming in to a formalwear company isn't exactly the same as spending some time on the golf course. But, if you really must do some wedding attire shopping for the guys, it might as well be at a place that doesn't make you feel awkward! We believe in having fun, no matter what. We also understand that this isn't something you do every day. You can ask as many questions as you need to, and feel confident that we will not judge you for any of it. Trust us, after 60 years, we've heard it all! 

For even more details, click here!

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