Wednesday, June 17, 2015

History of the Tuxedo

When someone is celebrating a big event (such as a 60th anniversary), it is only natural to take a look back at the moments that got us where we are today. We are so happy to be celebrating our 60th this year, and would like to invite our guests to celebrate with us! For more information about our anniversary promotion, click here. For now, let's take a trip down memory lane...

In 1886, Pierre Lorillard IV is rumored to have designed the first tailless black jacket, which he called a "tuxedo" after the name of the city Tuxedo Park, New York. He wore the new tuxedo at the first annual Autumn Ball in Tuxedo Park, New York.

In 1912, the upper class society members went to dinner on the Titanic wearing appropriate clothing for a 'White Tie' event. The picture shown to the right is none other than our favorite Wisconsinite, Jack Dawson. (He's a fictional character, we know, but sooo dreamy!)

In the 1950's, tuxedos weren't all that different than today's look. Just a few of the details set them apart. Ties were narrower, cummerbunds were worn most often, and shirts were always pleated. White dinner jackets were also popular around this era.

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Then came the 70's... 
This era was full of 'freedom', and the tuxedo look was no exception! Coat color choices were endless, and the ruffles were in abundance. Add on a giant, matching bow tie, and your look was complete!

In the early 2000's, the longer version of the tuxedo coat was popular. This style typically had 4 or 5 buttons, and some were as long as 40 inches. (The average tuxedo coat is 32 inches long.)

The long coat trend came and went pretty quickly, and was soon replaced with stripes. Shadow, tone-on-tone, chalkstripe or pinstripe...any option was available (and some still are).
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Today, the current rising trend is the 'Slim Fit' tuxedo. To meet this demand, DuBois has added the Ike Behar Parker tuxedo to their rental collection. It's made from a luxuriously soft Super 120's wool, and is paired with a flat front pant made from the same fabric. Add a fitted shirt with your choice of accessories, and your ensemble is complete! 

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The tuxedo styles have changed over the years, but some things remain the same. Wearing a tuxedo has always been, and always will be, a way to signify the importance of an event. The timeless, classy (and sexy!) look of a tuxedo on a man really sets the bar for the occasion. It also provides a level of unspoken respect for those moments in life that deserve a little extra celebration!

Thank you for taking the time to read about the tuxedo trends throughout history. We hope you enjoyed it, and learned something new as well!

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